Tuesday, March 29, 2016

a new pair of air jordan cement 3 release

    Good shoes, only it is a bit boring, I a few pairs of white Air Force 1 is not long out of warehouses, replace sb. Is a very strange shoes. Until the Air Jordan 3 white cement appears, ha ha, a bright eye. Last year's Air Jordan 4 White Brother Air Jordan 3 appeared.
Air Jordan Cement 3 is very convenient, basically Air Jordan Cement 3 recently on the mainland for sale I have moved to Blog, such as before the North Karan and yellow, such as the first hundred black, etc.. Air Jordan Cement 3 is a very Chinese very local stories, referred to Air Jordan Cement 3, my first thought is still not in Jordan to wear this pair of shoes does, I think that sweep or shoes. Air Jordan Cement 3 for the first time in China appear to lay the shoes is very high, is not easy to do. In addition Air Jordan series, just take out material can let the person go, the genus Air Jordan Cement 3 burst pattern Pimo number, Air Jordan 11 coat of paint and in about the same.
The white Air Jordan Cement 3 basically nothing can, but secretly patterns or stay. In fact, if advocate white, toe to violent lines material should be changed to light skinned, shoelaces, also should not be in such a violent lines imitation of style. In short, white is not thorough enough, but think, cannot because to white instead of Air Jordan Cement 3 years of glorious tradition.
As noted before, Air Jordan series engraved those shoes, I don't like the first year without color, always feel for no reason. But white ... ... First off the horse.   google from discount sneakers shoes

Monday, October 8, 2012

A pair of shoes, red bull, Air Jordan 3 white cement

Last year, Air Jordan 4 engraved, I took a photo to " create " the second period as a cover, but because of too white, then switched to a transparent Air Force 1, also very sober, the North Karan was to cover some active color. While the Air Jordan 4 may also be because of too pure white and said cover the white, do not know the future will not have such an opportunity.
This year's Air Force 1 series, each have each story series, also have each series of material, each series of process, each series of science and technology. But the first sale of pure cheap Air Force 1, without any gimmicks, because in the pure cheap Air Force ones is itself a story, no other stories to foil. The all Air Force 1, the best selling do not know what a, after all, there are many still do not offer it, but according to the abundant investigation, white, especially the very cheap still popular. In new old six six after launch, the heat down, six series of customer service in new city, the heat down city series, customer service, perhaps Beijing 's " porcelain " will be obliterated the United States northeast three city Air Force 1 heat. But white, up to now still so strong in the market.